September 13th thru May 2nd

9:30 am - 10:30 am



   Fall 20/21 Pre-5th Grade Lessons:


   9/13 - Joseph Helps His Family

   9/20 - The Vineyard Workers

   9/27 - The Chief of Priests

   10/4 - The Red Sea

   10/11 - The Wedding Banquet

   10/18 - Paying Taxes

   10/25 - The Greatest Commandment

   11/1 - Be Humble

   11/8 - Ten Bridesmaids

   11/15 - Parable of the Talents

   11/22 - Sheep and Goats

   11/29 - No Sunday School

   12/6 - Be Ready

   12/13 - Angels Visit

   12/20 - Jesus Is Born

   12/27 - No Sunday School

   1/3  - No Sunday Schol






   Jr. High Sunday School Lessons:










   This 4 week series uses tangible school items as

   metaphors to help students understand what it

   means to be a new creation in Christ.














   Thank Full is a perfect Thanksgiving series! Junior

   High Students have a never-ending craving for  

   more "stuff". This is quite evident near Christmas

   time, where they are focused on all the cool

   presents they are about to receive. The truth is

   that no matter how many you have, you always

   want more.














   This 4 week series breaks down the Who? What?

   Where? and Why? of Jesus' birth.













   A 4-week series helping students choose and

   become the right kind of friend.











   This series reminds teens that God has a lot to say

   about the condition of our hearts and why that matters.












  This 4 week Easter series, teens will take a journey

   from the cross to the resurrection of Jesus.











   This 4 week series is about the life of Gideon, an

   ordinary farmer who overcame fear to follow God's















Senior High Sunday School:




Important Dates for 2020/21:


9/13 - Sunday School/Rally Sunday (sign up this year will  

          be online)

11/29 - No Sunday School

12/27 - No Sunday School

1/3 - No Sunday School

3/28 - No Sunday School




Education Supply List

•Junior or adult size scissors (we have a surplus of preschool size scissors)

•Empty butter, sour cream, frosting,chip dip containers (with the lids these are for a project)

•Cool whip containers, larger butter containers (for using to rinse paint brushes in during art time)

•Glue sticks


*Magazines with animals


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